What is SQA Process's 5th step and Reviews?


The sub-process performs Peer reviews and Reviews at the project-level.
  • Peer Reviews will be performed for software related work products i.e. (SQA Plan, Test Plan, Test Cases and Code (Optional)).
  • The objective of peer reviews is to remove defects from the products early and efficiently. The results of the peer review are recorded and passed on to the author or person responsible for correcting defects discovered during the review.
  • Reviews at the project-level are necessary to determine that items are consistent, correct and of acceptable quality.

Personals Involved at this stage are:

  • QA Manager
  • QA Engineers
  • QA Team Lead
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator

Tasks Perform at this stage are:

  • All the reviews will be performed as per plan.
  • Team lead will prepare RSSR and then updates it accordingly.
  • Review meeting is confirmed with the Review Team.
  • Review team members prepare review-report-points prior to meeting using the respective Review Check List available in PAD. That check list will be made available along with the software related work product.
  • Software Related Work Product is reviewed during review meeting.
  • After preparation and verification of Review Report team lead will update the respective RSSR.
  • A status is given to the work product being reviewed
  • This status can be: 
    -Accepted (To proceed forward for Approval)
    -Needs Rework (Rework required and then verification should be done)
    -Rejected (New work product is to be prepared). 
    -In case of any issue, “Issue Resolution” sub-process will be followed.

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