Brief introduction of SCM tools,Intersolv PVCS Version Manager,Microsoft Visual SourceSafe,Tortoise SVN (Subversion),Rational Clearcase

Intersolv PVCS Version Manager
  • One of the oldest PC-based version control products
  • Large installed base
  • A fairly rich feature set
  • Interfaces with other third party tools
  • Gateways to mainframe-based library management systems
  • Comprehensive security

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • Project support
  • File sharing
  • Intuitive GUI interface
  • Good repository architecture
  • Powerful security features
  • Tight integration with Microsoft development tools

Tortoise SVN (Subversion)
  • Open source
  • Integrates in MS Windows shell
  • Plugins available
  • Web based access

Rational Clearcase
  • VOB (Versioned Object Base)
  • Configuration Record
  • Build Avoidance
  • Unix/Windows Interoperability
  • Integration With Other Products

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