what are quality attributes and quality factors?

There are three types of quality attributes:
  1. Product Operations
  2. Product Revision
  3. Product Transition
Quality factors are related to attributes which are:

1.Product Operations:
  • Correctness: does it do what i want?
Operation are correct and according to requirement.
  • Reliability: does it do accurately all the time?
The operations performed, are all the time correct and mean if now is 1+2=3 all the time it should be 3.
  • Efficiency: will it run on my machine as well as it can?
My program is efficient and it runs in same on all machines
  • Integrity: is it secure?
My software is secure and it is not accessible to spamers
  • Usability: can i run it?
My software is easy to use or user friendly.

2.Product Revision:
  • Maintainability: can i fix it?
Software can maintained easily.
  • Flexibility: can i change it?
When needed can be changed.
  • Testability: can i test it?
We can test it as it developed

3.Product Transition:
  • Portability: will i be able to use on another machine?
It means that our software can be run on windows as well as linux or per required
  • Reusability:will i be able to reuse some of the software?
If we have developed a software then its components are reuse able can adjusted to other software or separately if needed.
  • Interoperability: will i be able to interface it with another machine?
for example my software is running on windows, then can i work with system which is running on linux etc

*I have explained for understandability of the reader

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