Why we need quality?

There may be several reason that why we need quality

  • Order qualifiers VS. Order winners... Just not qualify for order but win it

  • A competitive issue now... There is huge competition in the market

  • Must for survival... You can not survive if you don't provide quality to the customer

  • Gives you the global reach...If you are providing quality to the customer you will have global access for clients

  • Quality is cost effective... Quality makes the cost effective

  • Helps retain customers and increase profits... It gains customer attraction and you get more profit

  • The hallmark of world-class business... It is needed for world class business

  • Minimizes the risk of serious litigation... reduces risk of litigation

  • Minimizes the risk of serious operating failures and delays... Quality software or nay thing minimizes risk for failures and delays

  • Minimizes the risk of bankruptcy or business failures, which may be attributed directly to poor quality or poor software quality

  • For customer satisfaction


  1. All the things you mentioned above are definitly correct. we must quality ti achieve the companies goals.

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