SQA Process:

Process for providing adequate assurance that the software products and processes in the project life cycle conform to their specified requirements and adhere to their established plans

Why SQA Process:

There are reasons that sqa process
  • Provides management with appropriate visibility into the process being used and the products being built.
  • Verifies compliance with project requirements
  • Based on a documented plan and processes
  • Assures the delivery of high-quality technical products and services

SQA Process Activities:

  1. Product Assurance
  2. Process Assurance
  3. Process Implementation

Product Assurance

Assure that all plans required by the contract are documented, comply with the contract, are mutually consistent, and are being executed as required.

Ensure that software products and related documents comply with the contract and adhere to the plans.

In preparation for the delivery of software products, assure that contractual requirements are fully satisfied and that requirements are acceptable to the acquirer.

Process Assurance

Assurance that those software life cycle processes (supply, development, operation, maintenance, and supporting process including quality assurance) employed for the project comply with the contract & plans.

Assurance that the internal software engineering practices, development, test environments, and libraries comply with the contract

Process Implementation

This activity should include the following:

Quality standards, methodologies, procedures, and tools.
Procedures for identification, collection, filing, maintenance, and deposition of quality records.Resources, schedule, and responsibilities.V&V, joint review, audit and problem resolution.


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