What are test case types?

Test Case Types

Functional Test Cases:
Functional test cases are used to test screen level functionalities of the product. For field level validation, testers can either use GUI review checklist embedded within the test case or can develop separate field level validation test cases. Functional test cases along with field level test cases are executed before business test cases in order to test the functionalities of the individual screens thoroughly. Functional test cases are based on the FS as the primary source but can also be based on prototypes (if available) or the design document.
Field Validation Test Cases:
Field level test cases are developed using AF TOD to validate individual fields on a screen using a black box testing methodology. DB verification can also be the purpose of such test cases.
Business test cases:
Business test cases are used to test the business scenarios and require extensive knowledge of the requirements and business process flow of the application. Business test cases are normally based on RS and business flows as the primary source.

Performance test cases:
Performance test cases are developed to determine/measure the system performance under the particular workload. It serves to validate and verify resource usage with volume of data. Performance test cases are developed to measure and analyzed application response time at the following level
  • Application level
  • Database level

Recoverability test cases: Recovery test cases are developed to conduct reasonable test to ensure that the implemented security measures function properly and how well the software is able to recover from crashes, hardware failures and other similar problems
Security test cases:
Security Test cases are developed to determine that an Information system protects data and maintain functionality as intended. Following basic measures should be covered in security test cases
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

Replication test cases: Replication Test cases are developed to verify the replication of data across the software components & validate the Data Integrity, Consistency and accuracy.

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