what is the effectiveness of reviews?

There are different sayings of different people..

  • Walkthroughs found between 30 and 70 percent of errors in a program. (McConnell, 73)
  • Code reading found twice as many defects per hour of effort as testing. (McConnell, 74)
  • Inspections found 60-90% of defects in a program. (McConnell, 75)
  • Inspections produced a net schedule savings of 10-30%. (McConnell, 75)
  • An hour of inspection avoids 33 hours of maintenance; inspections are 20 times more efficient than testing. (McConnell, 75)
  • The introduction of inspections in software maintenance reduced production crashes by 77%. (Humphrey, 186)
  • Inspections increased productivity 14%-25%. (Humphrey, 186-187)
  • A study of 2019 user-found problems that resulted in code changes, found 57.7% of the problems could have been detected by design inspections, 62.7% with code inspections. (Humphrey, 187)
  • When programmers know their work will be critically examined, inspections motivate better work -- that is, developers take more pride in quality and avoid sloppy mistakes. (Humphrey, 171)
  • Reviews provide visibility into the state of the project. It provides an opportunity for discussion, intermediate milestones, and an assessment of the adequacy of some aspect of the project. (Christensen and Thayer, 291)

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