How many quality factors?

There are 11 quality factors

  • Correctness:Extent to which a program satisfies its specifications and full fills the user's mission objectives.
  • Reliability: extent to which a program can be expected to perform its intended with required precision.
  • Efficiency: the amount of computing resources and code required by a program to perform a function.
  • Integrity: extent to which access to software or data by unauthorized persons can be controlled.
  • Usability: effort required learning, operating, preparing input and interpreting output of a program.
  • Maintainability: effort required locating and fixing an error in an operational program.
  • Testability: effort required testing a program to ensure that it performs its intended function.
  • Flexibility: effort required modifying an operational program.
  • Portability: effort required to transfer from one configuration to another.
  • Reusability: extent to which a program can be used in other applications related to the packaging and scope of the the functions that program performs.
  • Interoperability: effort required to couple one system with an other.

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