What is SQA Process's Third Step and Tracking?


This sub-process is used to track deviations and monitor progress against different plans, which can result into updating the timelines, reassignment of tasks.

Tasks Perform at this stage are:

  • Tracking activities for SQA and Test Plan.
  • Progress Review Meeting is conducted.
  • Progress Review Report is prepared and stored in VSS.
  • If status meeting is postponed then give reason.
  • Deviations are recorded in tracking report.
  • PM will be presented SQA Analysis report on monthly basis.
  • Tracking report is placed in VSS.
  • Report against deviation is also generated.
  • Deviations are identified and issued to affected groups.
  • Issues will be forwarded to Issue Resolution.
  • Status report is dist. and cost effective sheet prepared.

Personals Involved at this stage are:

  • Project Manager
  • QA Manager
  • QA Team Lead
  • Project Coordinator

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